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The [Swiss Jazz archive](http://jazzorama.ch/) calls itself SwissJazzOrama (SJO). Founded 1989 in Rheinfelden as "Pro Jazz Switzerland", it has been located in Uster near Zurich since 1998.

SwissJazzOrama collects and archives all kinds of sound carriers, pictures, literature and other testimonies from the Jazz universe. It collects information about as many different types of Jazz as possible. Whether it is published/unpublished, popular/fringe. The SwissJazzOrama volunteers enter these documents in databases that are continuously updated and provide quick access.

This dataset contains part of the database queryable at http://jazzdaten.ch, the database where all of the various pieces of information it collects about the music are stored. First and foremost, it contains music metadata related to Switzerland:

- Recordings by or featuring Swiss artists
- recordings of concerts in Switzerland
- releases of Swiss labels
- Recordings of music by Swiss composers

The data was first released in 2016 on occasion of the [2nd Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon](http://make.opendata.ch/wiki/event:2016-07). To encourage its reuse a [JSON data package](http://data.okfn.org/tools/view?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdatahub.io%2Fdataset%2...) ([view source](https://datahub.io/dataset/swissjazzorama/resource/03a8726c-91aa-41a2-89...), [more information](http://dataprotocols.org/data-packages/) and [tools](http://frictionlessdata.io/tools/)) containing metadata that describes the structure and contents of the package as well as the JSON Table Schemas ([more information](http://dataprotocols.org/json-table-schema/)) describing the tables were added by the uploader. These files were not provided nor checked by the data provider.

Please note: SwissJazzOrama has a media collection, but cannot provide digital access to any of the recordings!

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