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Sherpa Services - RoMEO, JULIET, OpenDOAR

RoMEO - Database of publisher's copyright & archiving policies RoMEO is a searchable database of publisher policies on the self- archiving of journal articles on the web and in Open Access repositories. RoMEO contains publishers' general policies on self-archiving of journal and conference articles.
Each entry provides a summary of the publisher's policy, including what version of an article can be deposited, where it can be deposited, and any conditions that are attached to that deposit. JULIET - Database of research funders archiving mandates and guidelines JULIET complements the RoMEO service provided by SHERPA for authors and repository administrators, which lists summaries of publishers' copyright transfer agreements as they relate to archiving. OpenDOAR - Worldwide Directory of Open Access Repositories OpenDOAR lists and categorises academic open access research repositories with the aim to provide a comprehensive and authoritative list of such repositories for end-users who wish to find particular archives or who wish to break down repositories by locale, content or other measures. OpenDOAR also provides listings to third-party 'service providers' - typically search services who use the categorised lists within their service. This increases the accessibility and use of the content of these repositories, providing benefits for the authors of the research material and the researchers who wish to find it.  
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