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Scientific works

Topics of the journal:

  • Improvement of technological processes of food and grain processing industries of agro-industrial complexes:
    • Actual problems of grain processing, animal feed, bakery, confectionery and food industries;
    • New technical and technological solutions in processing of food materials.
  • Topical problems of the grain storage technology, grain production, bakery, confectionary, animal feed and biofuels:
  • New in technology, equipment, quality control, automation of companies and grain-elevators, flour, cereal, baking and feed factories, confectioneries.
  • Biotechnological aspects of food production;
  • Development of preventive nutrition products technologies;
  • Innovative technology of restaurant products.
  • New grain, feed and food products and bakery products;
  • Problems of quality, nutritional value and safety of respective industries products in terms of Ukraine's accession to the WTO;
  • Problems of harmonization of national Ukraine standards with international ones;
  • Modern methods of control, standardization and certification of raw materials and foods;
  • Modern methods of control, standardization and certification of raw materials and foods;
  • Scientific and methodological problems of water quality management as a factor in food safety and stability of the food production.
  • Energy-efficient processes and equipment for food production;
  • Intelligent process control systems in food and grain industries.
  • Development of new food products from non-traditional raw materials:
  • Economic aspects and effectiveness of innovation and investment development of food production enterprises;
  • Economics and management of enterprises;
  • Staffing and scientific support of grain and food technologies
  • Creation of new technologies for the production of safe food and determination of the evaluation criteria:
  • Creation of new high-efficiency equipment, automation of production processes of food and grain processing industries:
  • Combined processes and nanotechnologies in agriculture, new low-energy consuming food technol-ogies and products, energy efficiency and environmental safety.
  • Socio-economic problems of the market relations development at enterprises of food and grain in-dustries:


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