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Scientific Station, UNIFAP

Scientific Station (UNIFAP) is a biannual publication journal of the Research Department of the Federal University of Amapá, in the Interdisciplinary area, that is open in all branches of knowledge, in order to disseminate scientific production developed under the educational and research institutions.

Publishes original and unpublished articles in the following sections: original article, review article, essay, interview, experiment, study groups and research point of view, experience report / case reports of pedagogical practices and reviews. It is open to Brazil and foreign collaborations. Analytical procedures and examination of articles by the reviewers are carried out with the anonymity of authors and reviewers of their work. Receiving term of articles of contributions is with streaming. It is pegged at several bases of national and international data.


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agINFRA The RING is part of the agINFRA project EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2 - Grant agr. no: 283770