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Refrigeration Engineering and Technology

The “Refrigeration engineering and technology” journal is published since 1965. It was first published as Proceedings of the Odessa Institute of Food and Refrigeration industry, and since 1994 - as the Republic journal with a periodicity of 6 issues per year.

             The “Refrigeration engineering and technology” journal is a scientific-engineering publication which publishes papers concerning theoretical, experimental, industrial and applied problems, research and industrial news in refrigeration, air conditioning and associated fields, so it has the following sections: Refrigeration engineering, Power engineering and energy saving, Refrigeration and associated technologies, Automation, computer and telecommunication technologies.
            The “Refrigeration engineering and technology” journal is published in format A4, has the scope up to 120 pages in black and white variant, print resolution 300х400 pixels.
 Placing of color and grayscale-black and white photos with a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi is allowed only in exceptional cases and on a small amount on special conditions.
 The “Refrigeration engineering and technology” journal is sent to the VAC of Ukraine, the Book Chamber of Ukraine, the main research libraries and supervisory authorities in accordance with the official seal list, as well as in a number of educational and research institutions, companies, firms, editions in Ukraine, and abroad, is also applied to scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and exhibitions.

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