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Pontbren rain gauge data

. This dataset is from a network of rain gauges located across the Pontbren study site in mid-Wales, UK. Rain gauges were installed at various locations across the site between 2005-2009 as part of the Pontbren Catchment Study Land Use and Management Multi-Scale Experimental Programme.

Each sub-folder within the Pontbren Rain Gauge data set contains data for each of the different monitoring locations. Each location has a 0.2 mm tipping bucket rain gauge along with a storage gauge, apart from at the Bowl study site where only a tipping bucket rain gauge was installed. Tipping bucket rain gauges were connected to data loggers and the number of tips occurring in a 10 minute period recorded. This data is presented in mm of rainfall / day (mmd 1). Data are provided in the form of .txt files and the tipping bucket data is generally split into six-month blocks. Associated with each data point in the .txt file is a quality assurance code, QA code, in the adjacent column. Storage gauge data where it exists are presented in the form of mm of rainfall occurring between a start and finish time. Details of the dataset, the quality assurance coding system and monitoring locations are provided in the supporting documentation.

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