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Morocco - Rehabilitation of Olive Plantations in Rain-Fed Zones

One of the main objectives of the Agence du Partenariat pour le Progrès (APP), which is responsible for managing the MCA-Morocco compact signed in 2007 with the Millennium Challenge Corporation, was to conduct a rigorous impact evaluation of the programs established by the Compact.

One of these programs is the Rehabilitation of Olive Plantations in Rain-fed Areas component of the Fruit Tree Productivity Project, for which APP contracted NORC to perform a rigorous evaluation. The impact evaluation uses an experimental design to compare farmers inhabiting areas which received the intervention (the treatment perimeters) to those which did not (control perimeters); the perimeters were randomly assigned to the treatment or control groups. To assess the causal impact of the intervention, the evaluation analyzes the differences between the treatment and control groups, as well as the change over time from the baseline period to the endline. This methodology is referred to as the "double-difference" method. The main outcome of interest for the evaluation is the change in the net agricultural income of olive farmers that can be attributed to the intervention. The estimated results of the project were drafted during the MCA-Morocco Compact development process. Olive tree rehabilitation and intensification were expected to enable an increase in net agricultural income of 15.6% by the end of the third year of implementation of the project, an increase in revenue from olive production of 29.8%, and also an increase in olive tree productivity under assumptions of actual price stability. The impact evaluation used 3 rounds of data, collected in 2011, 2012 and 2013 involving panel samples of olive farmers which this metadata file describes.

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