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Lesnoy Zhurnal (Forestry journal)

The periodical is the peer-reviewed scientific periodic printing edition.
The journal is in the list of periodicals recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles for publishing the materials of PhD and master's thesis.

On January 27, 1833, the Society for Encouraging Forestry, founded by the order of the Russian Emperor Nikolay I, made a decision to publish «Lesnoy Zhurnal (Forestry journal)» - the first forestry periodical in Russia.
Lesnoy Zhurnal (Forestry journal) has been issued as a part of the “Bulletin of Higher Educational Institutions” since 1958.
The periodical is indexed in the International Databases J-Gate, EBSCO. The articles published in the journal are assigned Index DOI (digital object identifier) since 2015.
The periodical is reviewed by Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences and in the US information editions.
“Lesnoy Zhurnal (Forestry journal)” has a permanent editorial board and the Institute of peer reviewing.
The periodical is issued six times a year.
It is distributed in Russia and the countries near and far abroad by the “Rospechat” Agency, Agency for the distribution of foreign publications, subscription agency “MK-Periodica”, as well as by newsstand sale.
According to the legislation of the Russian Federation the distribution of obligatory copies of each issue is carried out for the Russian Book Chamber, libraries, scientific and information institutions of the Russian Federation.

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