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 Established in 1889, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) is one of the premier research institutions dedicated to livestock research and development of the region. The institute with faculty strength of more than 275 has a major mandate of research, teaching, consultancy and technology transfer activities.
The institute with its long scientific heritage has always enjoyed a certain prestige, a tradition all of its own. The institute imparts quality post-graduate education to students not only from various parts of the country, but also from overseas. Today, the institute with its deemed to be university status contributes immensely to human resource development in the discipline of veterinary sciences with skills and knowledge necessary for the challenges of the new millennium. It awards degrees to master and doctoral programmes in more than 20 disciplines of veterinary and animal sciences, livestock products technology, basic sciences and extension education. To impart continuing education to field veterinarians, the institute also conducts diploma courses in veterinary preventive medicine, animal husbandry, veterinary biological products, animal reproduction, poultry husbandry, medicine and surgery, zoo and wild animal health care and management, meat and meat products technology. The institute’s research is currently addressed with clear benchmarking of deliverables through 157 research and 44 service projects. The institute undertake basic, advanced and applied research through 85 externally funded projects. A number of national and international research projects on animal health and production systems are addressed by the institute. Presently 19 National Agricultural Innovation Projects, 3 All India Network Projects, 3 Outreach Program and 26 DBT funded projects are operational. Besides these extramural funded programmes the institute is having 5 international collaborative projects with USA, UK, Australia, international organisation, IAEA, etc. The institute continues to play an important role in quality control and potency testing of immunobiologicals to various stakeholders with a good liaison with industry. In the liberalized scenario, to my mind this represents the inherent and fundamental strength of IVRI. Kisan Mela and Pashu Vigyan Pradarshini and other extension activities including KVK, ATIC, Helpline, etc. play a key role in technology transfer mission of the institute. I welcome this opportunity to share information with you. Research and resources cut across nations and we hope and regard ourselves as a world institute and a member of global community. I am particularly pleased to make a special mention of the recent website with new look and updated information. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and happiness in creating a unified vision of the opportunities and challenges across the organization. I hope the information covered through this website on IVRI provides some glimpses of this oldest research institution widely known as 'Mecca of Veterinary Sciences' in the region. I take this opportunity to welcome you to visit the site and we are open to suggestions, If any on improvement of this web based information.
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