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International Potato Center

The International Potato Center, known by its Spanish acronym CIP, was founded in 1971 as a root and tuber research-for-development institution to deliver sustainable solutions to the pressing world problems of hunger, poverty, and the degradation of natural resources.
CIP is truly a global center, with headquarters in Lima, Peru and offices in 30 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Working closely with hundreds of partners worldwide, CIP seeks to achieve food security, increased well-being, and gender equity for poor people in root and tuber farming, and food systems in the developing world. CIP furthers its mission through rigorous research, innovation in science and technology, and capacity strengthening among farmers and partners. CIP and its partners work across the agricultural spectrum. From the laboratory to the marketplace, CIP biologists, entomologists, agronomists, nutritionists, and social scientists conduct research and carry out projects.  
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