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Honey bee Seasonal mortality 2012-2014 - Epilobee analysis

EPILOBEE was the first active epidemiological surveillance program implemented in 17 EU Member States, over 2 consecutive years (from autumn 2012 to summer 2014), following a harmonised protocol based on the EU reference laboratory guidelines.

EFSA requested a statistical analysis on the EPILOBEE dataset to establish associations between colony mortalities and some factors including disease prevalence, the context of beekeeping and the apiary geographical distribution.The data set published is the result of the data cleaning and categorization performed on the EPILOBEE original dataset regarding seasonal mortality. The dataset comprises 4758 observations from apiaries across Europe.

The present dataset has been produced and adopted by the bodies identified above as authors. This task has been carried out exclusively by the authors in the context of a contract between the European Food Safety Authority and the authors, awarded following a tender procedure. The present document is published complying with the transparency principle to which the Authority is subject. It may not be considered as an output adopted by the Authority. The European Food Safety Authority reserves its rights, view and position as regards the issues addressed and the conclusions reached in the present document, without prejudice to the rights of the authors The dataset is in EXCEL format.

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