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Participate in the Open AGRIgate challenge [CLOSED]

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Note: THE AGRIGATE CHALLENGE IS CLOSED. The winner institution is Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura (CRA) - Centro di Ricerca per l'Agrobiologia e la Pedologia (ABP), with the "National Soil Database representative Soil Systems geography" dataset!

See final results here.

Through the CIARD RING you can participate in the Open AGRIgate challenge, promoted by agINFRA.

The challenge will reward the institution that registers the best datasets in the RING, judged especially in terms of interoperability, with two unique prizes:

  • the opportunity to work together with data scientists building applications based on your data;
  • having your dataset featured at the next meeting of the Agricultural Data Interoperability Interest Group at the Research Data Alliance.

All types of datasets are accepted in the challenge: from research data sheets to statistical datasets to RSS feeds to OAI-PMH targets to Linked Data stores. The essential thing is that your dataset is available somewhere in some structured format, from Excel to XML to Json etc. 

Do you have data that could be used for agricultural research or by agricultural information systems?
If so, open your data by publishing them here: your datasets will participate in the Open AGRIgate challenge.

Please note that this challenge aims at encouraging small institutions and institutions in developing countries to open their data, so we are limiting the competition to:

  • institutions in countries classified by the World Bank as "low-income", "lower-middle-income" and "upper-middle-income": see the classification here;
  • institutions with less than 1000 employees in any country.

All other institutions who register their datasets will still benefit from the automatic interoperability level assessment (see criteria in the document attached at the bottom of this page), but will not be enrolled in the competition.


1) If you have already registered a service or a dataset in the RING:
Login, go to "Your submissions" and edit the datasets that you want to enroll in the challenge.
For each dataset, follow the instructions under point 3.

2) If you have never registered a service or dataset in the RING, first create an account, then login and click on "Add a service / dataset".
For each dataset, follow the instructions under point 3.


  • Tick the checkbox saying "This dataset participates in the Open AGRIgate challenge";
  • Fill in the technical information under "Access to data": it is mandatory that your dataset is accessible in machine-readable format from at least one URL; read more of what we mean by "dataset" here;
  • Improve the description of the dataset: the more information you provide, the more points your dataset will get (check the criteria in the attached document);
  • If you have problems providing some of the technical information, read the RING handbook or contact us at ring-helpdesk@ciard.net.

NOTE on the interoperability assessment
The interoperability assessment done by the RING is calculated based on a set of criteria defined in the attached document following a conceptual approach that is widely accepted. However, the actual values assigned to each criterion are contingent and may be changed based on feedback from participants and experts.
Please read the document attached at the bottom of this page outlining the conceptual framework for the assessment and the proposed numeric values assigned to each criterion. This is the first version and comments are welcome (write to ring-helpdesk@ciard.net). 

agINFRA The RING is part of the agINFRA project EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2 - Grant agr. no: 283770