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Ethiopia Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement and Market Expansion (PRIME) Project IE

This baseline survey serves as the first stage of an impact evaluation designed to determine the impact of the project’s interventions on households’ resilience to shocks and, thus, on well-being outcomes, including poverty, food security, and children’s nutritional status.

The survey was administered from November 19 to December 24, 2013 in two of the three sub-regions within the PRIME project’s area of implementation, Borena and Jijiga. The evaluation was designed to focus on a sub-set of participants in two focus areas rather than the entire target population to allow for a closer measurement of a smaller group of households, saving costs and producing more valuable insights. The evaluation design team was also encouraged by USAID/Ethiopia to select these areas to carry out a dual-focused impact evaluation, where one dimension would focus on natural resource management (in Borena) and the second would focus on improvements in livelihoods and market-enabling conditions (in Jijiga). The baseline survey has two quantitative components—a household survey and a community survey. Sample selection was based on a two-stage, stratified random sampling design. In stage one of sample selection, sample enumeration areas were selected within each stratum using probability proportional to size sampling. In the second stage, households within each enumeration area were selected randomly from household listings. Note that the planned empirical technique for the impact evaluation necessitated that within each of the two study areas, one-third of the households be selected from the High Intensity intervention stratum and two-thirds from the Low Intensity intervention stratum. The questionnaire can be found in pb-aac-190.pdf and the main report can be found in pb-aac-189.pdf in the references. Versions of the dataset in SAS, SPSS and STATA are available on request by sending an email to opendata@usaid.gov.

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