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CRED Subsurface Temperature Recorder (STR); CNMI, AGR; Long: 145.63819, Lat: 18.76656 (WGS84); Sensor Depth: 1.52m; Data Range: 20070528-20090502.

Data from Coral Reef Ecosystem Division (CRED), NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) Subsurface Temperature Recorders (STR) provide a time series of water temperature at coral reef sites.

Data is typically collected at 1800 second intervals for a duration of 2 years using a SBE39 Temperature Recorder (Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., www.seabird.com). When a STR is recovered, a new one is typically deployed in the same place. Time series data combining multiple deployments from a given site may also be available. Please contact CRED with any questions. For program information see the web site https://www.pifsc.noaa.gov/cred/ocean_and_climate_change.php

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États-Unis d'Amérique
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