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Finland - Tilastokeskus - Statistics Finland


### About

National statistics for Finland.

### Access

Material can be viewed alphabetically, by topic or by producer:


### Data

Topics include:

* Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
* Construction
* Culture and the Media
* Education
* Elections
* Energy
* Enterprises
* Environment and Natural Resources
* Financing and Insurance
* Government Finance
* Health
* Housing
* Income and Consumption
* Justice
* Labour Market
* Living Conditions
* Manufacturing
* National Accounts
* Population
* Prices and Costs
* Science, Technology and Information Society
* Services
* Social Protection
* Trade
* Transport and Tourism
* Wages, Salaries and Labour Costs

### Openness

Not open. Permission required for commercial re-use. [Copyrights page](http://www.stat.fi/org/lainsaadanto/copyright_en.html) says:

> In referring to data from this service, a user of this service must quote Statistics Finland as the source.

> A user of this service may not commercially transfer or resell, or essentially exploit in such activity, or electronically redistribute this statistical service or any part thereof without a written permission of Statistics Finland.

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