Portail d'accès aux sources et services d'information agricole

Poland - Central Statistical Office of Poland


### About

National statistics for Poland.

### Access

Material is available in tables via main website under 'topics':


There is also the Regional Data Bank:


### Data

Topics include:

* Prices, Trade
* Population
* Labour, salaries
* Industry, Constru., Fixed Assets
* National Accounts
* Environment, Energy
* Living conditions
* Education
* Municipal infrastructure
* Science and technology
* Aggregated Studies
* Economic Activities, Finances
* Agriculture, Forestry
* Transport and communications
* Health. Social services

### Openness

[Copyright page](http://www.stat.gov.pl/gus/6125_ENG_HTML.htm) says:

> There is no objection connected with copywriting of data and websites and printing for personal use including personal changes and summaries on condition that the source is given.

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