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Distribution 'Integrated approach to anti-filtration measures control on water supply systems. V.Petrochenko, О.Petrochenko. Institute of Water Problem and Land Reclamation NAAS, Ukraine'

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Keywords: water supply system, commodity water, harmful effects of water, filtration, damage, anti-filtration facility, integrated management, profitability and investment index, profitability Nowadays, when designing anti-filtration projects, a structure safety and its capability to provide the necessary anti-filtration functions are taken by designers as its evaluation criteria. The economic efficiency of the design solutions is usually determined after the completion of project development. At that a number of numerous important functional properties of a complex water management system, such as economic, environmental and social damages, durability of structures, etc., which are prevented by anti-filtration measures are not taking into account. In order to eliminate this shortcoming, the scientific-methodical foundations of the integrated approach to the control of anti-filtration measures are developed and shown in the article. The integrated control is proposed to be implemented at the stage of project and management decision making. The only integrated criterion for evaluating economic, environmental and social efficiency is the profitability of anti-filtration measures. Economic, environmental and social efficiency is proposed to be determined in monetary units. At the stage of design solution making, the integrated guidance is based on the methodological principles of differentiated analysis and synthesis of alternative options for the implementation of each anti-filtration measure, as well as the principle of comparison of alternative measures. A differentiated analysis of the effectiveness of design solutions is proposed to carry out with a graphical representation of the economic indicators of anti-filtration measures in the form of a special column of the histogram. The proposed procedure of the synthesis of the design solution for anti-filtation measure is presented. The control of the effectiveness of the project solution is based on the criterion of achieving maximum profitability at each intermediate and final stage of its synthesis. At the stage of making managerial decisions a methodical approach to the development of an integrated management plan for anti-filtration measures in water management systems is proposed. The basis of integrated management is the methodical principles of investment priority in the implementation of anti-filtration measures within one or several water management systems. For this purpose, using the columns of effectiveness evaluation of the anti-filtration measures a histogram of making managerial decisions is constructed. A priority of the primary implementation is given to the anti-filtration measures, which results in the greatest positive effect, attributed to the value of construction costs.
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