A federated and curated metadata registry of agri-food datasets and data services


The database presented here was used in research for a voice search application.

Data Contents
2 food types databases (FoodDB and FoodDB_large) are presented.

The databases each have 2 database fields:

1. A general specifier: describes a food ingredient or a dish name

2. A mode specifier: describes a preparation mode of the ingredient or dish

Furthermore, speech queries with reference transcriptions and a statistical language model are also provided.

FoodDB is based on ‘*The Book of Household Management*’ by Isabella Beeton [1]. The database contains food types from the index of the book.
The speech queries were mined from the audio book version available on LibriVox [2]. For scalability tests, databases with food types
from Freebase [3] were used to expand the original database.

[1]:http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/10136, October, 2015.

[2]:https://librivox.org/the-book-of-household-management-by-isabellabeeton/, November, 2009.

[3]:Google, Freebase Data Dumps, https://developers.google.com/freebase/data, June 30, 2015.

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