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Estimated Hardwood Volume Available for Wood Chipmills or Other Low Grade Uses

The potential of wood chip mills to influence the distribution of harvests and the dynamics of wood fiber utilization has become an issue of concern.

Where wood chip mills are active in a timber market, they may increase the utilization of wood fiber derived from a given harvest; change the pattern and distribution of harvests on the landscape; and reduce production costs of fiber supply, thus increasing overall quantity supplied in a price-taking market. Wood chip mills have proliferated in the South in recent decades. This data layer was created to address the following question: If the Mid-Atlantic region behaves as the South, which areas are relatively more attractive as sources of low grade hardwood fiber, and therefore relatively more vulnerable to any negative stresses associated with wood chip harvests? The data layer simulates annual softwood wood chip volume (in tons) available to supply chip mills or other low grade uses, if timber supply in the Mid-Atlantic mirrors trends for the South.

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