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Morocco - Irrigation

The objective of the survey is to establish the baseline situation (2008-09) (pre-project status) of the principal indicators of the monitoring and evaluation plan of the arboriculture fruit project.

The survey describes the situation of the agriculture and agro professional activity in the rain growing zones of the olive and almond trees as well as in the PMH and Oasis zones for the rehabilitation of the olive and date palms.
The data relates to the variables of agricultural revenue approximated by the gross margin, olive tree coverage areas, olive and date palms, production and yields of three species, degree of application of good production practices, product enhancement to the level of packaging and processing units, volume of quality products obtained, etc
For the professional organizations and the production enhancement unit (olive, date, and almond), the survey collects data on the structural and functional aspects (assets and personnel, services provided to the members, system functionality, capacity and level of activity, capital employed, quantities processed, means of financing, turnover, duration of activity)
The data for each of the four zones are analyzed by considering sampling as two-stage stratified (perimeters and farms, or perimeters and OPA/UV)

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