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Burkina Faso - Access to Rural Finance

This performance evaluation will follow a theory-based approach that examines the entire project logic. This means examining along the causal chain from activities and inputs to outputs to outcomes to possible impacts to explore how and whether inputs led to the expected outputs and so forth.

In doing so, the A2F team will analyze which components or which stages of the project work well, and which ones do not. The team will also evaluate the theory of change including the validity of its assumptions and hypotheses. This approach will help identify any weak links in the causal chain and inadequate design features that may have influenced project outcome and may have resulted in any unintended consequences. From the Project Implementation perspective, the team will analyze and assess the processes for PFIs to access and on-lend RFF's funds, the quality of the training at the PFIs, BDS providers and end-beneficiaries levels, and the quality of project management including the reasons for implementation delays, what influenced the performance of different project participants during project implementation, how thorough implementation planning has been, etc. Based on the program logic, program indicators and expected results, as well as on the results of the previous evaluation components, the team will examine the project outcomes and will to identify key insights and lessons for future MCC projects.

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