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Geogratis - Landsat 7 Level 1-G Imagery over Canada Collection


In cooperation with federal and provincial governments, GeoGratis is distributing full resolution Landsat 7 imagery for all of Canada.

Landsat 7 data are collected from a nominal altitude of 705 kilometers in a near-polar, near-circular, Sun-synchronous orbit at an inclination of 98.2 degrees, imaging the same 183-km swath of the Earth's surface every 16 days.
The L1G product is a radiometrically and systematically corrected L0R image. The correction algorithms model the spacecraft and sensor using data generated by onboard computers during imaging events. The radiometrically corrected pixels are resampled for geometric correction and registration to an Earth location with a geodetic accuracy of 5 to 25 times the sensor ground instantaneous field of view.

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