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London Brownfield Sites Review

Important Note

The Brownfield data was handed over from LDA to the Homes and Communities Agency so that HCA could maintain it as part of the National Land Use Database (NLUD). The HCA’s online mapping site displays a points only version of NLUD from 2010 (password protected):

The links to the files below will remain here as a matter of historical record.

Polygons showing the boundaries of Brownfield land in London along with their addresses.

This database of Brownfield land replaces in more detail and accuracy the EP National Land Use Database (NLUD) for London. The current NLUD assessment covers sites in excess of 0.25ha. This project validates, checks and updates this information for existing NLUD sites plus new sites down to a smaller threshold of 0.1 hectares and above.

The Database records over 2,000 Brownfield sites across London, equivalent to more than 2% of the land in Greater London (an increase of over 1,000 sites than recorded on the previous system). The Homes and Communities Agency will use the database as their preferred platform for boroughs to record brownfield sites.

The London Database uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping. It includes transport routes, deprivation, social infrastructure, as well as heritage and natural environment assets that can be overlaid over the dataset of brownfield land. Visitors to the Database website can identify sites suitable for development, and better explore and understand a site’s context.

For more information visit the HCA website

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