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Federación Nacional de Cultivadores de Palma de Aceite

Oil palm growers have one of the most dynamic industrial associations in the Colombian agricultural sector: the National Federation of Oil Palm Growers, Fedepalma. Its activities have been decisive in securing a solid position for the agribusiness in this country.
Since it started working in 1962, Fedepalma has promoted all kinds of initiatives to increase the competitiveness of the sector, prioritizing activities which producers or others would not be able to undertake efficiently on their own. Until the 1980's Fedepalma concentrated much of its efforts on seeking agreements with successive governments regarding the conditions necessary to encourage oil palm production and protect the marketing of its products. In the 1990's,the expansion and consolidation of the industry required the Federation to promote measures to ensure that the production of palm oil would be more competitive and that the conditions of sales at home and abroad would be more defined. As a result of those efforts, the industry today has a strong infrastructure which includes bodies engaged in research, marketing and oil palm development. The Information Center gathers documents and publications related to the oil palm industry that have been written both in Colombia and all over the world.  
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