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From [website](http://www.commonlii.org/int/cases/EngR/):

> This database contains the English Reports (1220-1873) and is based on data provided by Justis.

### Re-use/opennness

Allows limited re-distribution for noncommercial purposes - hence not compliant with the [Open Knowledge Definition](http://opendefinition.org/). From [copyright policy](http://www.commonlii.org/commonlii/copyright.html) page:

> Copyright in source material is indicated at the bottom of each page on the system. As far as CommonLII is aware, permission has been obtained for all of the materials which we publish, but if you are a copyright owner and are concerned please send feedback. Copyright in the hypertext markup and all other presentational / value added aspects rests with CommonLII and the authors of the software tools used.

> Subject to permissions being obtained from the the holders of copyright in the actual material presented, you are hereby given permission to reproduce up to 30 pages from the CommonLII service for a noncommercial and reasonable purpose. CommonLII expressly prohibits the use of robots and web spiders which contravene the Robot Exclusion Standard. Such breaches are monitored, and CommonLII policy is to block entire domains which send such attacks until a proper explanation is provided.

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