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About China CIARD Forum

  Background: Over the years, China's agricultural information system has been committed to seeking the national agricultural information resource sharing, the knowledge created in agricultural research should be able to be maximized in use by agricultural researchers and agricultural organizations. Especially at the present, we are facing challenges from the rapid change of network society, the ways to access agricultural information are distributed widely, the tremendouse increase of diverse information sources. All of these have been making the coordination and resource sharing issues become increasingly prominent. of Effective data and information sharing among and between agricultural research institutions and other agricultural related units or groups become more difficult. The construction of the national level agricultural information sharing platform will be one of the best choices to meet the needs of users at all levels.   CIARD under GFAR (Global Forum on Agricultural Research) is dedicated to ensure agricultural research data and information to open and available to the public. Its main activities include advocacy and promotion of open access of agricultural research data and information, enhance the ability of information sharing, as well as improve the effective application and innovation of agricultural information in agricultural research for development. The concept of openness and sharing of agricultural research data and information by CIARD community has been widely accepted by Chinese agricultural information specialists. The Chinese agricultural information systems and specialists must adopt new and advanced technologies, methods and models of information services to facilitate agricultural research data and information sharing, while making breakthroughs in ways of coordination and cooperation  for the current agriculture information sharing.   CIARD China Forum has established and aims at discuss and study theoretical and practical issues concerning CIARD, and making an alliance of Chinese agricultural information institutions and experts to establish China Agricultural Research and Development Information Sharing System (CIARD China) to promoting services of China's agricultural research and education information systems as well as cooperations and information sharing with other countries of international organizations. It is important to promote our agriculture research results to be open access and more easily to use for the majority of agricultural users of the world in order to enhance information sharing level in China's agricultural research and development . China CIARD Forum mainly face its China CIARD members, information specialists, and information agencies interested in agricultural information sharing. At the same time, a China's agricultural science and technology information portal will be jointly established. The forum organizing committee and its secretary office will actively organize its members to participate CIARD activities to contribute to international agricultural research information-sharing. Within the CIARD global agricultural research information-sharing framework, China CIARD Forum will regularly hold seminars, e-discussions, or real time discussion on the web and training courses to improve interoperability of national and international agricultural information systems and enhance the efficiency of agricultural research and innovation through agricultural research data, information, knowledge sharing and use.   Aims: Taking CIARD concepts and platform as a basis, China CIARD Forum will take the lead to bring together all the agricultural information institutes and specialists as well as related stackholders to exchange ideas and experiences in agricultural information resources construction and sharing, to establish China's agricultural research and development information sharing system (CIARD China), to increase the ability of China's agricultural research information systems, and to promote China's agricultural research achievements to be available easily within the world agricultural information community.   Objectives: Uniting agricultural information institutions and experts without the country, to promote open access institutional depositaries of information resources at different levels, to adopt and use internationally standardized data describing framework and format, to combined and create a national agricultural research data and information resources system for agricultural research and development, to discuss key issues in agriculture research information / data sharing, and to contribute to the world agricultural information system in promoting the expanded delivery and use of agricultural research data and information.   Organizaing Committee: Chairmen: Meng Xianxue, CAAS   Vice Chairmen: He Xiurong, China Agricultrual University Wang Zhongming, Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences Members: Liu Enping, Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Science and Technology  Yang Ningsheng, Information Center, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences Chen Wenyong, Jilin Agricultural University Library LIU Shi-ying, Northeast Agricultural University Library Xu Hong Dai, Institute of Rural Development, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chen Jianlin,  Library,  Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhu Jianhua, Information Center,Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences   Consultants: Mei Fangquan, CAAS Ajit Maru, CIARD, GFAR   Secretary Office: Secretary-General: Pan Shuchun, CAAS   Deputy Secretary-General: Zhang Xuefu, Information Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Pan Wei, China Agricultural University Library Ma Wenjun, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences   Members: Sun Wei, Information Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhuowenfei, Information Institute, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences Tang Yan, Information Center, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Jiabao Hong, Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Information Institute Yue Hao, Information Center, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences  
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