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Aerial Photography and Imagery, Ortho-Corrected - 2008 Digital Orthophotos - Citrus County

This data set is one component of a digital orthophoto coverage (DOI) over the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Area. This dataset is comprised of 4-band stack 32-bit (red, green, blue and infrared bands) DOI cells in a Geotiff format, at a 1-foot pixel resolution, based on the District 5,000' x 5,000' tile system.

This dataset was created from source imagery acquired through the Leica ADS40/ADS51 multispectral scanners during January 10 through March 14 2008. The companion dataset to this coverage includes a dataset comprised of the original imagery mosaic lines with dates of imagery acquisition in the ESRI shapefile format.

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