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Water Column Chemical Data of the Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) program in the North Pacific 100 Miles North of Oahu, Hawaii for Cruises HOT199-227 during 2008-2010 (NCEI Accession 0088839)

The HOT program makes repeated observations of the physics, biology and chemistry at a site approximately 100 km north of Oahu, Hawaii. Two stations are visited about once a month: Kahe Point (Station 1: 21.34N, 158.27W) and Station ALOHA (Station 2: 22.75N, 158W).

Various other stations are made intermittently in support of similar research objectives or mooring deployments.

Samples of water column chemical analyses were collected mostly in the upper 1000m using Niskin bottles mounted on a rosette. The strategy was to sample at density horizons within the main thermocline at pressure horizons above and below this region (i.e., <150 dbar and >2000 dbar). Care was applied to ensure the highest possible accuracy and precision. A total 56 parameters are acquired.

This NODC Accession contains Water Column Chemical data for HOT cruises 199-227 during 2008-2010. These data represent the full array of chemical parameters in support of the JGOFS program, and for convenience, a repeat of key parameters found in the Bottle and CTD Data as prepared by the Physical Oceanographic (PO) component of HOT, which are also archived at NODC. NODC holds historic Water Column Chemical data for HOT cruises 1-198 in separate accessions.

Cruise 207 was cut short due to a problem with the winch and no data are available.

Cruise 218 was a short cruise due to equipment problems and only has one ctd cast and no thermosalinograph data.

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