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Special Eurobarometer 440: Europeans, Agriculture and the CAP

There is broad support among Europeans for the contribution of the CAP to the European Commission's top priorities, according to a new Eurobarometer survey, with nearly half of the respondents considering the role of the CAP "very important" for stimulating jobs and growth and for supporting the role of the farmer in the food chain.

Other responses highlight the importance for the future that the general public puts on agriculture and rural areas (>90%) and confirm the trend from previous surveys which shows increasing concern for agriculture and rural areas as well as improved awareness of the CAP.
#####The results by volumes are distributed as follows:
* Volume A: Countries
* Volume AA: Groups of countries
* Volume A' (AP): Trends
* Volume AA' (AAP): Trends of groups of countries
* Volume B: EU/socio-demographics
* Volume C: Country/socio-demographics
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