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NODC Standard Format Marine Mammals of Coastal Alaska Data (1975-1976): Marine Mammal Sighting 2 (F026) (NODC Accession 0014151)

NODC maintains data in three NODC Standard Format Marine Mammal Data
Sets: Marine Mammal Sighting and Census (F127); Marine Mammal Specimens
(F025); Marine Mammal Sighting 2 (F026). These data type formats are
designed to support studies of biological populations and ecosystems

that are subject to impact from oil and gas development, marine
pollution and other environmental disturbances. Information on marine
animal populations, activities, migratory routes and breeding locales
are obtained from either surface ship or aircraft surveys.

The Marine Mammal Sighting 2 (F026) data type contains data from field
observations of marine mammals. Obtained from ship or aircraft surveys,
the data are collected to provide information on population density and
distribution, migratory routes, and breeding locales. In addition to
data on the survey track and observed environmental conditions
(including ice conditions, if encountered), the file contains data for
each species sighted. Parameters reported may include total number of
individuals, number of pups, number of groups and number of mammals per
group. F026 contains data for 1976 only. For further information on
these data, contact Karl Schneider (see personnel section). NOTE: In
this file type, the geographic location of each group sighted is not
recorded; in F127, locations of group sightings are recorded as well as
the beginning and end positions of each station or segment of survey

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