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International scientific and production journal "The economy of agrarian and industrial complex"

The journal was founded in 1994 by the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, National Scientific Centre «Institute of Agrarian Economy» of

UAAS, «The Brothers Karich» Company (Yugoslavia).

The journal had been published as «The economy of AIC» in the period from 1994 to 2010.

Since 06.10.2010 it has been published as «International scientific and production journal «The economy of agro-industrial complex».

Index of journal in the Catalogue of journal subscriptions of Ukraine is 74161.

The journal is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Register certificate KB № 15445-4017, 09.07.2009.

The journal is a spear-heading edition that covers problems of  the development of agro-industrial complex. In sections for professional content the journal consideres important economic problems of agriculture, including historical, theoretical and methodological aspects of the industry, market economy, ways of improvement of  credit and tax policies, price mechanism, social change in rural areas, effective management experience, international experience of the agricultural sector of the economy.

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