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International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre, Library

CIMMYT is a non-profit research and training center headquartered in Mexico. (The abbreviation 'CIMMYT' derives from the Spanish version of our name: Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo.) Mission To sustainably increase the productivity of maize and wheat systems to ensure global food security and reduce poverty.

Vision and strategic goal CIMMYT works with and brings together public research and extension organizations, private companies, advanced research institutes, NGOs, and farmer associations in countries worldwide, working pragmatically and apolitically to fight hunger and poverty. The Center applies the best science to develop and freely share: High-yielding, stress tolerant maize and wheat varieties. Large, unique collections of maize and wheat genetic resources. Productivity-enhancing, resource-conserving farming practices. Training and information relating to the above. Through these activities and outputs, CIMMYT works to foster global and local food security, helping farmers meet rapidly rising demand from expanding populations and affluence, while addressing the emerging challenges of global climate change and resource degradation and scarcities. CIMMYT achieves the above with about 105 specialized research staff and 500 support staff from about 40 countries, on a yearly budget of some USD 50 million. The Center is funded by international and regional development agencies, national governments, private foundations, and the private sector. It is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

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