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Geogratis - Maritime Strategic (1987) Land Use Database (SLUD), Canada


Maritime Strategic (1987) Land Use Data Base (SLUD) is an update to the Canada Land Inventory "Present Land Use", that reflects land use/land cover conditions in the Maritime Provinces in 1987, and land use/land cover changes since the original CLI land use mapping twenty years earlier.

SLUD utilizes the same land use/land cover classes as that of the Canada Land Inventory with six additional classes to seperate reservoirs, clear-cuts, dumps and sewage lagoons, transitional lands, wildlife conservation areas and institutional lands.
The original data, recovered from the Canada Geographic Information System archives, was organized as an update to the CLI land use. These raw data have been processed with the later; the result is similar to the CLI land use but instead represents land use conditions in 1987 rather in the era of the CLI.
The processed results are available in either latitude/longitude coordinates (without shoreline) or UTM (with integrated shoreline) and can be compared with the CLI land use, to study land use/land cover changes during the update period.
1) To provide a more up-to-date coverage of land use/land cover of the Maritime Provinces, as the Canada Land Inventory once provided.
2) To facilitate the study of land use/land cover change patterns in the Maritime Provinces from 1967 to 1987.

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