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2007 Reson 8101ER Multibeam Sonar Data from Cruise AHI0703 - Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Reson 8101ER multibeam Data were collected between 23 May - 9 June 2007 aboard NOAA Survey Launch Acoustic Habitat Investigator (AHI) at Maug Islands, Pagan Island, Saipan Island, Tinian Island, Aguijan Island, Anatahan Island, Sarigan Island, Zealandia Bank, Guguan Island, Alamagan Island, Agrihan Island, Asuncion Island, Supply Reef, and Uracu

s Island, Western Pacific during cruise AHI0703. These multibeam data were collected using SAIC ISS-2000 softwarein the Generic Sensor Format and processed using SABER editing software. Sound velocity corrections from a Seabird SBE19 CTD sensor and motion corrections from a POS-MV vertical reference were applied to the data in real time. Predicted tides were applied to the data in real time using predicted tides downloaded from NOAA's National Ocean Service Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) website. Horizontal accuracy is ~5m, DGPS from NavCom sensor from C&C Technologies was used, vertical accuracy is depth dependent (~1% of water depth), WGS84 datum. These data are not to be used for navigation. Depths mapped range from 5 - 350 m. The AHI was deployed from the NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai and concurrent mapping was done using the Simrad EM300 sonar aboard the ship; metadata for HI0703 are submitted separately.

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