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Monthly Ambulance Service Incidents, Borough


Monthly London Ambulance Service call out data by type of incident and borough.

This excel file contains numbers for ambulance calls for each borough in London including: All incidents attended, All assault incidents attended, Assaults on women, Assaults on teenagers, Gun injuries, Knife injuries, All weapon injuries, Animal injuries, Binge drinking (alcohol poisoning where patient aged under 40), Cocaine, and Heroin overdoses
Volumes are derived by searching a database holding the records of all ambulances despatched in London.
The records consist of data collected by paramedics or other ambulance staff, who record retrospectively if they believe an assault to have taken place. They also collect data on whether a weapon was used, or if the attended patient is suffering from an alcohol related illness.
Each record has information from the 999 Call Handler. This can include data on specific type of weapon is collected. This is how we derive gun or knife injury as well heroin or cocaine overdose.
From time to time the data collected may not be an accurate representation of the actual event. However the data is relevant for understanding broad patterns in different types of crime and disorder nonetheless.
The number of incidents where a animal bite injury has been reported to the ambulance service. This data is filtered to include only bites from large animals (there are no specific data on dog bites, however the data is used to derive broad trends on dog issues.)
The number of incidents where the ambulance service have attended someone suffering from an alcohol related illness. Focussing on patients under 40 allows broad trends in Binge Drinking to be identified. Older age groups may be more likely to be attended by the ambulance service for longer term alcohol related health issues.

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