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Farm Census


Information is compiled from the Agricultural and Horticultural Census. This is an annual survey, conducted by the Statistics and Analytical Services Branch, DAERA.

Information is on Number of Farms, Number of LFA Farms, Number of Non LFA Farms, Area Farmed (ha), Average SO/SGM (‘000) per farm, Crops (ha), Grass (ha), Number of Cattle, Number of Sheep, Number of Pigs, Number of Poultry, Number of Farmers, Number of self Employed, Number of Spouses, Number of Other Workers, Total Labour on Farms, Number of v. small/small/medium/large farms.

Note that all small area data relating to less than 5 farm businesses has been suppressed and replaced with the number '3' to prevent disclosure.

For further details, please see Section 2 of the 2016 Farm Census publication on The Agricultural Census in Northern Ireland webpage -https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/publications/agricultural-census-northern-ir....

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