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EU Member States and international obligations

The data focuses on a number of core international obligations that the EU and its Member States have taken on, by looking at their formal acceptance of international human rights instruments, as well as the results of the international- and national-level monitoring linked to these instruments.

Data covers following apsects:

- Acceptance of selected Council of Europe conventions
- Acceptance of European Social Charter provisions
- Conformity of national law and practice with European Social Charter provisions
- Applications allocated to a judicial formation (ECtHR) per 10,000 inhabitants
- Number of cases pending before ECtHR judicial formations
- Number of ECtHR judgments finding a violation
- Number of leading pending cases with average exeution time of more than five years
- Acceptance of selected UN conventions
- UN conventions with individual complaint mechanisms and number of cases
- Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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