Hoja de ruta para nodos y puertas de entrada a la información (RING) para la investigación agraria para el desarrollo

Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers (TECA)

TECA is FAO’s web platform providing practical information in English, French and Spanish on different agricultural issues from around the world to support small producers in the field. The technologies and practices are provided by technical divisions within FAO and TECA’s partners.
Registered users of TECA can provide feedback on technologies and practices. TECA also offers users the possibility to discuss challenges faced by small agricultural producers, and jointly develop sustainable solutions for small agricultural producers in its Exchange Groups.
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Karin Nichterlein
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agINFRA The RING is part of the agINFRA project EC 7th framework program INFRA-2011-1.2.2 - Grant agr. no: 283770