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Cereals and Oilseeds Production Harvest

Presents estimates of the size of the UK cereals and oilseed rape harvest.
Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Designation: National Statistics
Language: English
Alternative title: Cereals and Oilseeds Production Harvest

Revisions to 2009 survey results
The June Survey 2009 area estimates were revised in the June Survey 2010 statistical release on 16 September.

The survey estimates have been revised to take account of the thresholds applied to June 2009 survey data and also as a result of a register cleaning exercise. As the areas are directly used to assess production levels, the 2009 production estimates have also been revised. Yields have not been affected so the amended production estimates are purely caused by the area revisions.

The 2010 Census provided a good opportunity to ensure our statistical register of agricultural holdings is up to date and accurate. We identified a large number of holdings with whom we have not had contact for a number of years and do not appear recently on any other Defra administrative system. This suggests these holdings are inactive or in non-agricultural use and so we have removed them from the register and, as these holdings have been inactive for a number of years, adjusted the 2009 June Survey areas to reflect this.

In addition, a substantial number of responses to the 2010 Census, with whom we have not had contact for a number of years, appear to have little or no agricultural activity. Therefore, we have also removed this activity from the 2009 area.

As the results before 2009 are now not on a comparable basis, only the results for 2009 and 2010 are presented in this statistical release.

Confidence intervals
95% Confidence intervals have also been shown against the production and yield figures for England. These indicate the range of values that may apply to the figures. They are based on the Standard Error (SE) multiplied by 1.96 which gives a 95% confidence interval. We are 95% confident that the true value lies within this range either side of the estimate.

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