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Air Quality in Scotland


This site provides access to air monitoring data and aggregate statistics from 1986 onwards. The resource links below send you through to a form that will enable you to specify exactly what data you require.

### Details

There are three types of data available: sensor data from air monitoring sites, aggregates of those data and details about NOx pollutants.

#### Sensor Data

From [the website](http://www.scottishairquality.co.uk/data.php):

> The database contains tables of measured concentration data and statistics from the air quality monitoring sites operated by Defra, the Scottish Government and Local Authorities. Estimates of emissions - the amount of pollution produced by a range of activities can be obtained from the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI).

#### Aggregates

From [the website](http://www.scottishairquality.co.uk/data.php):

> A range of simple statistics are routinely calculated by the database for the automatic monitoring data each night. These include:

> - Daily mean, maximum and minimum values for all pollutants.
> - 8-hour running mean values for ozone and carbon monoxide.
> - Daily maximum 8-hour running means for ozone.
> - Running 24-hour means for PM10 particulate matter

#### Pollutants

From [the website](http://www.scottishairquality.co.uk/maps.php?n_action=data)

> ... background concentrations of NOx, NO2, and PM10. Numerical data can be downloaded for each 1 km x 1 km of Scotland in the form of comma separated (CSV) files. Co-ordinates are given for the centre of each 1 km x 1 km grid square.

### Notes

Access to the data is slightly complicated, depending on the size of the data requested:

> There are three options for the output of your database download, according to the size of the data request. Small enquiries can be shown on your screen using minimum HTML, moderately sized enquiries can be e-mailed to you as an attachment in comma separated format, or the largest enquiries will be left on an ftp site, also in comma separated format, for you to collect. The data on the ftp site will be wiped within seven days if it is not retrieved.

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