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Agriculture in the English Regions

This statistical notice provided the key statistics on agriculture at a regional level in England.
Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Designation: National Statistics
Language: English
Alternative title: Agriculture in the English Regions

# - Suppressed to prevent disclosure of information about individual holdings.
- means 'nil' or 'negligible' (less than half the last digit shown).
. . means 'not available' or 'not applicable'.
(a) Break in June survey of agriculture and horticulture data series owning to a change in the threshold for inclusion in the survey
(b) In 2011, 2012 and 2014, the survey sample for the June Survey of Agriculture and Horticulture in England was reduced in size and results for agricultural workforce, farmed area and livestock numbers are not available for these years.
(c) Methodological changes introduced by the Office of National Statistics in December 2014 resulted in greater than usual revisions to the regional GVA estimates.          

England data
(a) due to methodology differences sub total data contained in this table may not agree with sub totals shown in Chapter 3 Agriculture in the United Kingdom

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