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The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) of Cyprus was established in 1962 with a mandate to conduct research on plant and animal production problems, and develop, evaluate and adapt under local conditions scientific findings and technology available from international and regional research institutions.

Its broad objectives are to optimize resource utilization, improve plant and animal productivity on a sustainable basis and generate and test improved technology for farmers. At present the Institute employs 40 scientists and 65 technicians and over 100 labourers. The headquarters of the ARI is located at the Athalassa forest. There are also experimental stations at Athalassa, Acheleia, Zygi, Polis, Saittas and Xylotympou.   The Agricultural Research Institute is engaged in applied research in Agriculture and Environment. Its main activities include research in the fields of Plant Improvement, Vegetables/Floriculture, Fruit Trees/Viticulture, Plant Nutrition and Irrigation, Plant Protection, Animal Production, and Agro-economic Studies.  

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