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Aggregate Agricultural Accounts for the United Kingdom

This release presents a sequence of inter-related accounts for the United Kingdom, which provide a base for economic analysis of the agricultural industry, and Total Income from Farming, a key indicator of the performance of the industry.

Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Designation: National Statistics
Language: English
Alternative title: Agricultural Accounts

(a) The valuations of land and breeding livestock are at average market prices; those of buildings, plant, machinery and vehicles are replacement cost, net of consumption of fixed capital.
(b) Includes values for arable land and pasture in Great Britain & Northern Ireland based on land area from June Surveys. There are methodological changes to the aggregate balance sheet land prices int his edition. These changes improve the land area calculation and have been made back to 1984.
(c) Financial estimates are derived in part from a year-end analysis of farms in the Farm Business Survey. In practice, year-ends vary from December through to April, with concentrations of year-ends at end-December and end-March.
(d) Agricultural Mortgage Company (AMC) and Scottish Agricultural Securities Corporation (SASC)

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