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Ag and Food Statistics: Charting the Essentials

A collection of over 75 charts and maps presenting key statistics on the farm sector, food spending and prices, food security, rural communities, the interaction of agriculture and natural resources, and more.

How much do you know about food and agriculture? What about rural America or conservation? ERS has assembled more than 75 charts and maps covering key information about the farm and food sectors, including agricultural markets and trade, farm income, food prices and consumption, food security, rural economies, and the interaction of agriculture and natural resources.

How much, for example, do agriculture and related industries contribute to U.S. gross domestic product? Which commodities are the leading agricultural exports? How much of the food dollar goes to farmers? How do job earnings in rural areas compare with metro areas? How much of the Nation’s water is used by agriculture? These are among the statistics covered in this collection of charts and maps—with accompanying text—divided into the nine section titles.

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