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64th annual report to Parliament on smallholdings in England

Annual report summarising how smallholding authorities have managed smallholdings in England.

Smallholdings are farms owned and let by county councils, known as smallholdings
authorities under the 1970 Act (“Smallholdings Authorities”), and are commonly referred to
as ‘county farms’. It is a statutory requirement for all Smallholdings Authorities to supply
statistical information on land let, sold and acquired within their estates to Defra, as set out
in section 59(1) of the 1970 Act. The 1970 Act provides the legal framework for statutory
smallholdings and requires Smallholdings Authorities to make it their general aim to
provide opportunities for persons with sufficient experience to be farmers on their own
account. The 1970 Act states that a smallholding shall be treated as such if it is capable,
when farmed under reasonably skilled management, of providing full-time employment for
not more than two people, including the occupier.

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